img 8 days left - HABITS BEGONE: Win 2 Free Hypnotherapy or NLP Sessions

Win 2 Free Sessions of Hypnotherapy or NLP and Say Goodbye to Your Habits

Are you tired of struggling with bad habits like smoking, drinking, nail-biting, gambling, phobias or negative thinking? Do you want to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy and NLP for yourself? Then this competition is for you!

We're giving away two free sessions of hypnotherapy or NLP to one lucky winner. Whether you're looking to quit smoking, stop biting your nails, overcome anxiety or boost your confidence, our experienced therapist Stacey can help.

So don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your life with the power of hypnotherapy and NLP!

To enter the competition, simply follow these steps:

1. Upload an image that represents your goal that you are looking to achieve or share what represents you as free from your habit.

2. Describe in 100 words or less the new you after you have received your free sessions. What will this new you be like?

3. Share on ‘My Time’………………………

*All participants are entitled to 1 free consultation and a 50% discount for 1 session

Winning prize

The winner will receive 2 free, online sessions which take 1.5 hours each and are valued at $500.

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  1. Take a photo showing us what creativity means to you for your chance to win $1000
  2. Extra $500 up for grabs if you include the MyTime logo somehow
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  5. Most votes wins!!

Winning prize

$1000 for our winner and an extra $500 up for grabs if you include the MyTime logo somehow

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